• All ESL students have an account at Lexia Core 5. Use the following link to complete activities that accommodate your level of English language proficiency.


    If you need to download the program see the instructions that are listed on the attached sheet using the following attachment,
    All ESL students also have an account at Reading A-Z. This site provides many reading selections in all content areas at your child's appropriate reading level. Students are able to listen, read, and answer comprehension questions about a reading selection chosen by your child. This program is audible and displays the written language as the audio is heard. Your child uses this site in class often and has a username and login that can be used at home at the following web address:
    Remote teaching:
    I have posted several assignment in Google clasrrom. You will need to contact me if you do not have the code to get in the classroom. If you are not familiar with google clasroom you only have to log into raz kids or lexia and complete the work that is there using your username and password. If anyone is having trouble you can contact me through email:
     I will send you assignment through email or help to get you in the programs.